Transportation Technology

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to help Virginia government and business best prepare for new transportation systems and routes.


Virginia strongly supports development of autonomous vehicles. The commonwealth is establishing Innovation Data hubs with goals including:

  1. To prepare for new transportation systems and routes in Virginia
  2. To provide research facilites through Virginia universities for testing new concepts

VIP provides a joint launch pad for agencies, education and the private sector to:

  • leverage exisiting relationships
  • conduct research and engage universities
  • identify and implement new relationships
  • test new concepts
  • fuel ultra-high speed development

Related Initiatives

VIP is now collaborating with unmanned aerial systems providers to position Virginia as a leader within UAS initiatives.
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This new education model was co-developed by IBM working together with educators, policymakers and elected officials.

Transportation Technology

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End Date: Ongoing

Type: VIP

Department of Transportation and Secretariat of Commerce and Trade