Professional Services

Advisory Sessions

Data Internships



Our professional services:

Business Innovation

  • Leading collaborative efforts and meetings between agencies, universities, and suppliers
  • Creating a work space that invites agencies to share ideas and explore new technology for their business needs
  • Developing targeted opportunities for small businesses to demonstrate their services
  • Providing demonstrations and workshops to educate agencies on emerging technologies
  • Hosting showcases of new technologies through competitions, datathons and hackathons 

Solution Building

  • Developing collaborative teams with subject matter experts to determine what is involved in the deployment of new innovations and services
  • Branding and specialized dashboard reporting techniques and guidance
  • Business Intelligence reporting and software management

Innovative Tools and Training

  • Assisting customers through access to innovative techniques and solutions

Our Advisory Sessions are designed to obtain information from our customers and potential suppliers, to best match government business needs. The VITA Innovation Program (VIP) strives to:

  • Identify areas of interest related to new technology
  • Provide an intake process and platform to gauge interest in innovative ideas
  • Maintain a governance process to monitor successful innovative solutions 
  • Develop evaluation standards to determine next steps, based on the outcome of the demonstrations
  • Develop a standard for collaborative engagement between agencies and universities

The Commonwealth Data Internship Program (CDIP) has launched a new year of exciting research projects. Students at all state universities may participate in CDIP research activities. 

The program provides valuable, real-world data to promote the educational experience. At the same time, it helps commonwealth agencies engage innovative approaches to accomplish initiatives, enhance operational performance and effectively utilize data resources.

CDIP brings benefits to both agencies and universities. 

  • Students are actively prepared for new innovative solutioning
  • Students stay in Virginia to work
  • The citizen experience is improved, providing the most impact for the tax dollar
  • Agencies enjoy insertion of new talent and new ideas for operational growth

Workshops are strategically designed to educate Virginia entities about new technologies. They also provide a platform for suppliers to demonstrate their innovative services of interest.

Strategies include the following:

  • Technical Workshops
  • Lunch and Learn Sessions
  • Site Specific Demonstrations
  • Webinars
  • Customized Solution Based Testing

VIP collaborates with agencies and serves as the injection point between suppliers to determine new technology needs and opportunities. Workshops are designed to educate agencies, localities and universities with new technology and provide increased knowledge to staff on emerging trends as it relates to specific applications and tools.


Research is one of VIP's key functions. Results are used strategically to identify and verify new trends. 

Research goals include:

  • Understanding of agency business processes, to best align business needs with potential technology solutions 
  • Identification of technologies that may provide measurable benefit 
  • Provision of proactive advice and research to agencies, municipalities and localities