Smart Communities

Making Virginia Communities SMARTER and more efficient through collaborations with leading suppliers in intelligence. The goal is to improve sustainability and economic drive in our rural areas and urban cities.


The vision is to bring the newest 21st century resources to Virginia.

  • Predictive analysis for all spectrums of public safety to provide awareness and secure platforms for safer communities
  • Defining sustainable practices for the community through research with universities
  • Mobile application development 
  • Business intelligence reporting and communications systems


Current initiatives with:

City of Fredricksburg

City of Petersburg 

Related Initiatives

VIP is now collaborating with unmanned aerial systems providers to position Virginia as a leader within UAS initiatives.
Virginia strongly supports the development of autonomous vehicles.
This new education model was co-developed by IBM working together with educators, policymakers and elected officials.

Smart Communities

Start Date: Ongoing

End Date: Ongoing

Type: VIP

VITA Innovation Program, Secretariat of Commerce and Trade, and the Department of Transportation